July 07, 2010 | By: BangDhika


The Perfect Fruit from Nature's Last Eden
Wild noni grows prolifically on the lush islands of French Polynesia --- what we refer to as Mother Nature's last Eden. Its rich, volcanic soils, pure water, and clean air make it a perfect noni garden.

The earth's best noni is found here. Noni from French Polynesia is at least 20% higher in nutrients than noni from anywhere else in the world.

Knowledge of the cherished noni fruit and its benefits has been passed from parents to children for centuries. But its marvelous secrets remained unknown to the rest of the world until recently.

When food scientists John Wadsworth and Stephen Story first heard tales of noni in 1994, they just had to investigate. They visited Tahiti numerous times, meeting with village leaders and locals to learn more about noni's traditional uses and why it was so revered.  

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