July 07, 2010 | By: BangDhika

tahitian Noni Juice For your health

Tahitian Noni International works with the people of French Polynesia to care for the noni fruit so that it will bring them prosperity for many years to come. Every harvester is specially trained to care for the fruit, the tree, and even the soil. They know exactly how noni is to be picked and handled to protect its important properties.

Next, workers remove the seeds and, through an exclusive process, transform the fruit into a rich puree. Even the final packaging guarantees quality, our hot-packet glass bottles ensure maximum shelf life without artificial preservatives.

With TAHITIAN NONI® Juice, nothing is left to chance. Stephen Story and John Wadsworth carefully studied the noni fruit, the tree, the environment, as well as how ancient Tahitian used the precious fruit as they created Tahitian Noni International's exclusive harvesting and manufacturing process.