November 19, 2008 | By: BangDhika

Success for me and for All

As you know that successful people are much less than those are unsuccessful. They are in minority zone. You perhaps wonder why there are only a small amount of people who are categorized as successful.

Perhaps you wonder why many people in this world are not successful. As a proverb says, where there is a result, there is a cause. Those who are successful must have done something that unsuccessful people do not do. There must be differences between them.

The successful people always take action to achieve their desire and goals because they know that without action, all their dreams will be just an imagination. They have big dreams. They will never let everyone block their quest to find success. They are big dreamers but they do not forget planning and taking action towards it.

They also sacrifice everything and pay the price of success, so they deserve the success. No matter how far their dreams seem to be, they just continue and keep going and also carrying on their action until they succeed. They do not stop on their way. Once they start or begin, they will finish it.

The majority (unsuccessful people) knows the price for success, but they are not ready to pay it. They are also afraid of taking action in accomplishing their dreams. They live in their imagination without being able to enjoy their right to be successful. They do not believe that they have the capacity to be successful, they do not believe in themselves.

There is a simple formula of success I am about to tell you, but this is so powerful if you apply it. Once again, action will make all your dreams come true. By taking action, you are ready to get out of your zone to walk in the outside zone to achieve your success. The formula is as simple as A-B-C-D-E.

A : Action

B : Believe

C : Consistent

D : Dreams

E : Enthusiasm

The order of the formula is first you must have DREAMS. Dreams guide you on the right track and make you focus on it. Without them, you will go nowhere, you do not know where you want to go, and you do not know where your last destination is. It is like a sailor do not have compass when sailing.

Then you must BELIEVE that you will achieve success. Without strong belief, you are not going to be in peak performance.

Then you must take ACTION. When you take action, miracles happen. Your dreams are getting nearer and you are getting nearer to them.

The next is you have to be CONSISTENT in your action, make a commitment not to stop until you achieve what you desire. Keep going and fetch your success that is waiting.

And the last is always having ENTHUSIASM in every action. It will make you enjoy while you are completing your journey to success.

From motivation article Andri Wongso


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