July 17, 2008 | By: BangDhika

Whoever did not yet have the account paypal

Paypal was the mediation or the intermediary in the sending/payment or acceptance of money between 103 countries that were chosen with the certain provisions in several countries. For several last year Indonesia entered the list blacklist from Paypal Inc. Because the number of online crimes that was done by carder and hacker from Indonesia. Really pleasing when paypal opened his black list for our Country since October 2006, in this way increasingly clear where our position at this time in the level of luck.

The payment method in the internet that often was used in the world was the Paypal account (especially Paypal verified) up to the process withdraw to The account our bank.

So for that did not yet have the account paypal, please made him, all free, really helped very much in the business in the internet, at this time paypal very safe and was easy to accept payment or to shop online, in fact paypal has co-operated with shopping online that was famous that is ebay.com. in fact after verify kept your credit card, used paypal for his payment implement, if the friend did not yet have the account paypal for here or the clique banner on the top available the logo paypal, followed all the steps in his registration, congratulations tried


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