July 17, 2008 | By: BangDhika

The lord had together us

To the friends who wanted to better understand the holy scripture and to study further you could visit Emergent Church, because every day in fact every week participants who joined the program that was held by this university. Moreover in supported by teaching staff that was professional in his field, even the priest that have been competent to give enlightenment to group, like the priest Bob that was quite expert in giving teaching to group. In the program that in undertook for group's enlightenment also gave the solution for you in re-educating the household that was good according to the holy scripture, I Want a Better Marriage here would in gave the solution that was best for you. The lord had together us. Many of his methods showed the lord's Love. Including used available people around. They that did not know personally or the person who for a long time has not yet been known by us to become relatives in the lord's road, ran and got the victory was a process. Each second in our life was the series of the process lesson learned.

All that could be obtained by you in Find a Church in Rancho Saint Fe. All that only for you that want to serious learned in the lord's road, to there being the expression If you believed god guided you entered a business, began each action that you took in accordance with the principle of the Holy Scripture. You must look for wisdom and headed by Allah through the prayer, afterwards was waiting for his answer. Obedience to Allah was the first step planned the success of the business, here his place.

Church Location :
6365 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Dr. Bob Botsford - Senior Pastor