July 26, 2008 | By: BangDhika

Microsoft gave Yahoo USD offer 9 Billion

Apparently Microsoft indeed did not know surrendered, although being refused, his step to rake in Yahoo had not subsided. According to the letter that was sent by Yahoo to his shareholders, Microsoft counteracted the Yahoo Search business with a value of USD 1 billion.
Moreover Microsoft also offered investment with a value of USD 8 billion, but with the Yahoo condition must be tied in an exclusive manner with Microsoft for 10 years in the business whole search, was like this as being quoted detikINET from Washingtonpost, on Thursday (26/6/2008).
That was mentioned in the same letter will give Microsoft the veto right in determining the Yahoo future. Yahoo considered this offer will cause a loss to Yahoo. The letter was open Yahoo to his shareholders apparently was meant so that shareholders stay loyal with the management's composition Yahoo available at this time. On August 1 2008 Yahoo was planned will spread out the meeting of annual shareholders. Among shareholders began to have the movement to replace the management's council Yahoo at this time. The movement that was sponsored by the investor Carl Icahn was triggered by the wish of some shareholders so that Yahoo is sold to Microsoft.
from detikINET