April 03, 2008 | By: BangDhika

How To Find Your Love Online

Some people say love can’t be found online. I believe it can. My reasoning? Love is built on a “foundation”. If the “foundation” is constructed correctly, what difference does it make if the “materials” were found online or off?

To find your love online, you will have to change your mind set and approach it differently.

I learned when it came to meeting people online, I had to be driven by my common sense and not by my heart. Almost everything that was told to me had to be analyzed and not taken at face value.

Many people I put under my “microscope” couldn’t take the scrutiny and left. Good riddance...

But others that were truly interested in finding love online understood and was accepting of what I was doing. Why...? Because they had me under their microscope! Which was fair...

You have to spend a lot of time communicating with the person you have selected. You must be willing to question them about almost everything. If they are serious about becoming a part of your world they will understand. It is all part of constructing a solid foundation.

Invest the time...keep notes...realize the seriousness of what your are attempting to do. You want to bring this person into your world! That is a big deal...if they can’t understand this? Now is the time to cut your loses...

The only way to find your love online is to take control of your side of the relationship. Be responsible for the direction it is going. Open your mind and your eyes first...open your heart last!

Don’t waste any more time...you can do this!

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by: Vivian Johnson