April 03, 2008 | By: BangDhika

He Might Be The One

No one knows that for sure, but you. If you are not “soliciting” opinions, then don’t use them to analyze your relationship. Too much outside advice can do more damage than good. A lot of issues you will have to sort out internally. From there, only discuss your concerns with people you know you can trust.

The ones that only want the best for you. Your jealous, lonely, catty friends are not the friends you want to discuss your relationship with. They will usually offer advice that is totally useless. Just because they don’t seem to like who you are communicating with, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. He might be the one if he is willing to tolerate your jealous, lonely, tag-along, catty friends and not complain. He might be the one that goes shopping with you on the weekend, even though he hates to shop. As a matter of fact, he does all of his shopping online.

He might be the one, if he takes your 4 cats to get spayed and neutered on his day off. It’s little things like these you family and friends may not know about, or they may choose to ignore. It’s the things he does that makes you feel needed, special and cared for. It’s the little emails that arrive at the time you need them most...the way his voice can caress your heart...

When you are alone, evaluate your relationship in your mind. Weigh the good...then the bad...compare the two. Then you tell me whether or not he might be the one... Do you believe you deserve the person of your dreams? If so, get the skills you need to bring your dreams into reality Today!