April 03, 2008 | By: BangDhika

Get Rich Quick Scheme?

No. It is not true that the so called "get-rich-quick-scheme" exist at all. Maybe if you venture into illegal businesses, you might find your riches quickly. But you also will be busted and be a bankrupt as quickly as you became rich. To me, a get-rich-quick-scheme does exist. In a way that if you work hard, you will get rich the fastest possible way you can ever imagine. Getting rich quickly is not true, unless you work hard and are willing to learn, you definitely will be much richer than those people working a day job. As a saying goes,"time is money", must be remembered for those who wish to get rich quickly (I don't mean in a day or two). You have to spend every second available to you to get on with your research and to plan your strategies if you wish to venture in the online market. The online market is saturated with online-marketers-wannabes. But if you put in the extra effort, I am a hundred and one percent sure that you will be able to succeed. There are many ways for you to choose if you wish to work from home. There are jobs ranging from online marketing to doing online surveys. It is up to you to choose which job you really want to do. But let me tell you something, even if you know practically nothing about the internet, as long as you are willing to learn and put in the extra effort, you will be able to succeed and earn even more than those who have ventured in online marketing for a long time. So, getting rich quickly is impossible if you think short-term (maybe a week or two). If you think long-term (maybe a month or two), it is possible to achieve your desired results. And you can start planning for a holiday to Hawaii or whichever country you wish to visit. Working from home and earning a handsome amount of salary might be a fantasy to others, but not to you and me.