February 17, 2008 | By: BangDhika

About BlogVertise

After so many for a long time played with blog and that was felt by me already during him with blog not only to lavish ideas also creativity but was able also as the media to look for money for the very moderate addition of one of the examples of the provider of the service advertiser or publiser that is BlogVertise that offered the program review by payment that has been proven by this program gave the ease to us to get dollar, we only review or made the article about the advertisement that in gave by advertiser, but don't forget the list previously as publisher previously.
The method was easy got dollar only as the advertiser, the list was waiting approval and after in approv we in obliged completed the tasks that in gave by advertiser as the advertiser in writing about the product or any so that the community is interested buying or using this service, so come on friends all gathered with me to join the program from BlogVertise

The ease that in gave Blogvertise to get dollar for blogger that is blogger only registered the account and blog that in had after that but if did not yet have blog you must make him. was easy very much, after in agreed to you must follow the procedure that was valid for his payment through paypal this has been proven by us wrote, we in paid, reassured for that gathered together BlogVertise now


Anonymous said...

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-imam- said...

i've signup for blogvertise for more than a week...but no job has been assign to me? can you tell me why?